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Lisbon Fashion Week Ever.Now

The 41st edition of the Lisbon Fashion Week, where were anticipated the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of the main fashion designers were a memorable celebration of Portuguese and International fashion as long as brand new designers. New interpretations from daily pieces. A fresh and simple look where “over dress” give place to a more chic and modern “over less”. We have always thought about fashion shows as a vision of the future. The future that never arrives. We have the power to live our dreams and not only be a spectator but push our life to the future cause we have the role to define the future and the future is now. Fashion weeks around the planet are no longer a capsule where people dress up for it trying to be different and to have the must fashion forward look. This events are becoming more of a stand, a prove that we all have different points of views, different taste for fashion but we all can cohabited together. If the future is now we are definitely accepting the others just the way they are and by that we are accepting ourselves.

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